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10:46am 09/03/2008
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02:02pm 05/10/2007
   so alot of shit has gone down since the last time i wrote. I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half. why? dont ask. i just didnt want any attachments right now i mean i didnt want a relaship anymore, i mean i loved him so much i just...nevermind. also i got in a shitload of shit because my now ex told my mom that i had been out raving all night and doing x and crystal meth. yeah, so it hasnt not been the best month for me. id talk more but i dont even feel like getting in to it.

BUT over that, i gave blood today!
it was pretty exciting i mean as exciting as giving blood sounds lol. it was my fist time and i was nervouse at first but i liked it, it was kinda a rush and as crackheadish that sounds, i liked it...ha yeah.
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09:43pm 09/09/2007
mood: ecstatic
 rollin balls any one?
wait...I AM!!
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12:16pm 06/09/2007
mood: crazy
oh man, life has been pretty damn decient for me latly. i love cosmo school! i have been doing some bad ass hair cuts and i cant wait till i get into color! its so fun. i got my hair colored red today! well its like a red orange. and im so excited cuz i think imma go to a rave!! heck yes!! :D
08:19pm 26/08/2007
mood: irritated

my mohawk!

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05:11pm 13/08/2007
mood: content
today i got my nose pierced! i was super nervouse then he did it and it didnt even hurt, and i love it so much!!! :] 

its hard to see it but its sweet!
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05:03pm 08/08/2007
mood: blah

well monday was my last day before school started and i was determind to make it the best, and well it kinda was. i woke up my a sore thoart but i didnt really care, i was want to have some fun.  Fez kept callin me in the morning askin me what i want to do, i told him the day before that i want to do some x , he found some then i told him that i had some passes to elitches, so we decided that we were gonna make are day at elitches, he came and picked me up at like 9 we went to get are pills and a free chick-fi-la sandwhich and then went back to his house where we go ready and took the bus downtown, and all in all it was a awesome day it wasnt too hot, it rained a little bit but it felt good, but later that night i was starting to feel realy really bad, it sucked so much! plus i had to get up early for school. then the whole next day sucked majorly! i dont even want to talk about, and today i went to see my doctor and she told me that i might have mono! That shits sucks so much. i feeling a bit better now but how knows if it is gonna get better or worst.

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05:55pm 30/07/2007
  its pouring like shit here 
imma go watch a scary movie
while we flood!
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01:14pm 25/07/2007
mood: artistic
I ment to do this a while ago, but the other day we had this amazimg rain, usually when we get rain here is all gloomy and cold rain, but no this rain was perfect. it had been a super hott day and the second i go to meet fezz it starts to pour, not rain pour! and it was all sunny still. oh it was awesome! :]

just thought i would say that. lol

oh and i found all my lost vacation pics! eeek!
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07:59pm 22/07/2007
mood: content

Comment to read the 'interesting' posts..lol.
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08:13am 09/07/2007
mood: sleepy
so today i found out that i got into the cosmo class and i think i am pretty excited for it! i kinda cant wait to start school! woo :]
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08:21pm 25/06/2007
  so for the past week i have been out of town. i went to wisconsin, we drove it was just me and my step mom so that was pretty cool. i had more fun then i had expected too. it was nice to just get away from everyone. and plus i got to see my little niece, she so adorable, wwe brogh her back with us so she could spend some time out her with us. its pretty cool. i have been doing some much this pass week and i am doing even more this week. my birthday is also coming up! anyways m dont feel like typing any more so i guess ill updae later..yea

oh and i found my step moms beatles cd . its pretty cool. and i am trying to fine the album for the beatles and queen. yes
fuckin niggers   
11:22am 15/06/2007
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09:15pm 14/06/2007
  a year ago yester day i have had this journal for a year, wow.
thats insane..just thought i would say that.
07:28pm 13/06/2007
mood: annoyed
im bored!
so today i was suppoused to go look at tattoo with my mom
and i have been excited for that since yesterday
and as much as i knew it wasnt gonna happen i was still disapointed
but its whatever..
but then i had to spend forever with my grandma
and i love her 
but she repeats her self so much
like for instance she keep askin where my boyfriend was and if he was coming over
and it was getting so annoying cuz i had to keeep telling her that HE IS NOT COMING
so we finally took her home 
and i hoped so much that we would go look at tats
but no..
i was all disappionted

so i figured since she didnt take me maybe i could go spend some time with fez since im leaving for a week! But no hes being a big dumb head! (yes i just called you a dumd head, get over!)
and the sad thing is i could leave, but its to that point that leavin would be better then being home but then i would just give in and im not doing that im done doing that!
so now im stuck home on this great night, and stupid other friends wont answer so i cant chill with them
and now i am stuck writing in here and coloring, eating left over black jack being bored out of my mind!
fun huh
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10:27am 12/06/2007

man last night i had this crazy dream about being pregant, again. i am always having these damn dreams and i dont know why i am having them. but yeah i also had this crazy one with my anut and i dont know that shit was insane!

04:04pm 10/06/2007
mood: bored
its so fuckin hot!!!
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09:59pm 09/06/2007
  i love my fezzpezz♥  
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please excuse her for the day its just the way the medication makes her   
09:40am 20/02/2007
  so this week end i accomplished alot. well kinda. i went to the mall and bought some pant 3 for 30 dollars, that was a pretty decient deal. then my daddy took me to get my ear periced, i got my industrail done its so badass!! then i bought some new glasses they are kool too. well thats all i feel like wirting now so yeah..
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Happy Valentines Day   
09:07am 14/02/2007
  Well i just wanted to say to everyone Happy valentines Day!

yes yes